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Maxiom Technology is the Personify AMS company of choice for non-profit and trade organizations.

As today’s leader in Personify AMS software consulting and the software development company of choice for non-profits and trade organizations, Maxiom Technology specializes in delivering efficient, effective solutions and solving the most difficult technical challenges. Our staff is made up of experts in Association Management Software. During our combined 100 years of experience we served the most dynamic and complex organizations worldwide.

We architected, designed and built the Personify AMS e-Business suite.

Yes, you read that right, Maxiom’s Founder and CEO, Antonio Chagoury, was a Sr. Software Architect at Personify Corp (Formerly TMA Resources) before he decided to help organizations in more efficient manners. During his time at Personify Corp, he was responsible for crafting the company’s entire web strategy, which included the design and development of TCMS, Personify e-Business, Personify SSO, and Personify Web Services as well as Personify360.


Maxiom Technology offers Personify software consulting services catering to all functional areas of the platform, web desktop, SSO.


Maxiom Technology offers Personify development services catering to all functional areas of the platform.


Our knowledge of the Personify Corp AMS platform stack enables us to provide the best customized full-stack support.


Maxiom Technology offers Personify reporting development services, dashboards, analytics and business intelligence..

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