An internal smart directory to help doctors, nurses, and medical professionals find the right referral to fit their patient’s needs.

Project Summary

Our approach to designing ReferralMD’s new identity focused on two core objectives: modern and clean, and one key graphic element: a button. The custom font treatment combined with the ultra modern design came together to create a timeless logo.

Our goal was to increase patient access to health systems by designing a UX and developing a truly easy to use referral management system.

Our UX design had to take into account that there would be literally thousands of medical professionals and ample amounts of information for each individual that needed to be filtered, scanned quickly, and selected for referral – all within a short period of time.

The UI we created allowed for easy record identification. A series of detailed filters were also added to get doctors and nurses the list of quality referrals they needed with a minimum of clicks.

Color Palette & Texture

Photography Style

Page Preview

Doctor Profile

Account Management

Account Management

The Dashboard

Account Management

Account Management

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