open source projects spark innovation not reinvention

Open Source projects spark innovation not reinvention

We here at Maxiom Technology release and contribute to many open source projects because we believe that value comes from building on what you’ve created not reinventing the wheel for every customer.

The last thing you want to be doing as a software developer is recreating something that has been done a hundred times before and has probably been done better than the time you have allocated to do the job.

Contributions to open source is a mutually beneficial agreement. It’s an understanding as a community if we make the product/software better it will grow and lead to more adoption which in turn leads to more opportunities and jobs. It’s that understanding that empowers our contributions and why we use and seek out open source utilities and applications.

One of the many projects we support, and have for many years, is DNN Software, an open source Content Management Solution. We give by way of core implementations, bug fixes, performance improvements, and module enhancements. But that’s not the only project we maintain.

DNN Software Blog

The DotNetNuke Blog module is an easy to use content publishing module.

DotNetNuke Q&A

Created in the spirit of Stack Exchange, the DotNetNuke Q&A module provides a more focused and open alternative to traditional discussion forums.

Data Expose

Expose data from your DotNetNuke database utilizing the Web API framework

Lazy Loader

DotNetNuke Image, File, and Content Lazy Loader

QS Content

DotNetNuke module that allows you to show/hide content based on querystring values.

Real Time Log Watcher

DotNetNuke module to live monitor log4net logs.

Password Reset

DotNetNuke module that allows your users to quickly manage their passwords without the additional profile configuration modules.

Route Finder

DotNetNuke Dashboard Component or Standalone module to identify all the active WebAPI routes in your installation

Vanity Urls

DotNetNuke modules that Enables custom urls to be created for pages and pages with querystring values.

Blog Notifier

DotNetNuke module that monitors the blog entries created and will email any user in a specific role.

Database Monitor

DotNetNuke module that monitors the connection to the database and will recycle application pool if connection fails.

File Watcher

DotNetNuke Moodule that monitors the files in your portals folder and instantly adds or removes them from the database.


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Open Source is not perfect.

But neither is any other application you pay for. There is always a edge case condition that an exception handler was written for or simply didn’t have time to get to feature x,y,z yet. Your software does however have feature a,b,c and is fantastic at doing what it does.

So by releasing it as is you support the community with your applications a,b,c. and others get the benefit. They in turn address issues x,y,z and give back to the community and ultimately to you. Now you’ve won on two fronts. You improved the project which you contributed too leading to more sales or jobs and the community gave you feature x,y,z.

The trick about open source is being open minded about what it can do not just what it does right now.

Asking the question

Open source is about asking the question: “How can I get feature x added?”

You can contribute to open source by simply by asking for a specific feature or offering to pay for it. As a business if you were going to build an application but found a project that did 90% of what you needed but one piece was missing wouldn’t it be mutually beneficial to consult with the project owner to have the last feature built in? We enjoy the projects we work on and would like to help you get to that last step of your project so please ask us a question.

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