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7 advantages of hiring remote developers

A survey reveals that in the US during 2015, almost 300,000 full-time employees hired as software developers and other similar jobs were remote workers. The most interesting factor associated with this figure is that the vast majority of these remote employees were developers. In this article we will outline the reasons why you should hire remote developers.

If you are a corporation or you are running a software development business, hiring a team of experienced remote developers is the first priority. However, the decision as to whether you hire full-time employees or prefer remote developers is of great importance. Since the beginning of the work from home culture, employers were somewhat skeptical about hiring remote developers. But as time passed, they were convinced by the level of expertise and productivity shown by these developers. After all, what does it matter what country in the world they are in?

Provided below are 7 significant advantages and why you should hire remote developers to meet the software development requirements for your business:

1. Hassle-free access to the global workforce

It is usually observed that while recruiting full-time employees, geographic location limits the talent pool to a great extent. Hence, you have no other choice but to rely on the locally available resources. However, this is not the case when you hire remote programmers. You can take advantage of the services of more intelligent and skilled minds without paying any extra cost. This is the most prominent advantage of hiring remote programmers.

hiring remote programmers from different countries

You can access the talent pool around the globe without any boundaries. This gives you the ability to opt for a knowledgeable and reliable programmer, as settling for the second best is not a good option.

2. Enhanced productivity

It sounds weird, but there is no harm in saying that remote employees are relatively more productive as compared to location based workers. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review reveals that employers found remote workers more productive than those serving in a conventional office set up. The workforce of a Chinese travel website, Ctrip, was observed for this study where employees were divided into two groups. One of the groups worked in a regular office, whereas the other group provided their services remotely.

After continuously observing these groups for a period of 9 months, the following statistics were released by the researchers.

  • Remote employees worked for more days (less number of sick days)
  • 5% more calls completed by the remote employees
  • Less fragmentation among remote workers

3. Cost-saving through optimization of resources

Hiring remote programmers means that you can save a hefty amount of money in terms of having no need for a brick-and-mortar building for your employees.  For instance, when hiring a programmer, you must provide some office space to him/her. Moreover, you need to invest in terms of computer, furniture, internet connection, refreshments etc. On the contrary, employing a remote programmer allows you to eliminate all these expenses. This factor may turn out to be a significant breakthrough for any company, including startups with a tight budget.

hiring remote programmers saves you in office costs like furniture, supplies, etc

When a severe economic recession hit the globe in 2008, companies tried to assess their situation and devise a strategy, with a view to minimizing the costs without compromising their productivity. In this scenario, outsourcing became a viable and cost-saving strategy, capable of multiplying productivity in the following ways:

  • It allowed companies to access skilled talent at less cost
  • The company can repurpose or re-align resources to activities which are directly related to revenue generation

4. Flexible working hours for employees

The flexibility of working hours can play a vital role when it comes to enhanced productivity of your employees. Remote programmers work under a specific schedule to maintain the highest level of quality and productivity. In this way, your worker chooses the timing best suited to him/her and what you get is the best possible outcome. So, as an employer, you need not keep a record of how many hours your remote worker has spent while working on the project. This gives you freedom to pay attention to other core issues. Hence, the flexibility of working hours is beneficial for both parties.

5. No more office distractions

A peaceful environment is crucial for any programmer while developing great software. When we analyze the bustling atmosphere of a traditional office, it may serve as a counterproductive factor for the programmers. The lack of concentration due to a distractive environment minimizes the working abilities of a skilled programmer. With a view to eliminating these distractions, you have to bear the cost of providing a dedicated space for the programmers.

hiring remote programmers eliminate distractions because they are going to work anytime, anywhere

However, by hiring a remote programmer, the distraction would not be a problem anymore. You are not responsible for providing a distraction-free environment. A remote programmer is responsible for arranging his/her own workspace according to what works for the programmer.

6. Higher retention rates

It has been observed that remote workers have a higher job satisfaction ratio and they enjoy a perfect work-life balance. They have lower stress levels and have a healthier lifestyle. This is the reason why work-from-home employees quit less often. It will be surprising to see after hiring your first remote employee that working with such an employee is quite easy. Moreover, you will certainly feel the sense of efficiency and reliability while getting your work done.

7. New ideas and fresh energy

hiring remote programmersRemote programmers have working relationships with several companies around the world and deal with multiple clients at any one time. This provides them with multidimensional exposure, which gives a clear path to new ideas. Remote programmers are more inspired, enthusiastic and motivated about their work.


To sum up, there is no reason for you to limit the talent pool to a particular area. There is a wide range of tools available which assist you in collaborating with your remote workers for better communication. You can take advantage of these kinds of technology and enjoy these advantages of hiring remote programmers.

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