Welcome to the family, Hyperlogs!

Last August 2017, Maxiom’s footprint grew a little more with the addition of a new venture called Hyperlogs– time tracking software. From its inception in 2002, Maxiom Technology has been providing custom software development, architecture, design and outsourcing services but we always wanted to build software as well. Inevitably, the services side of the business always took precedence because a) It paid the bills, and b) Doing services the right way (delivering quality + value) takes time and dedication.

Fast forward more than 15 years, and we have launched that software company! As they say, “good things come to those who wait”.


A few short months after being established, Maxiom Apps delivered, in 2018, its first product, Hyperlogs.


Hyperlogs is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use time & expense tracking and invoicing app for all your projects and teams. Its user-centric design makes it first-in-class when it comes to ease of use. Time-tracking shouldn’t be a chore, a daunting and time-consuming task. The goal of this app is simple: to get you in-and-out of the app as quickly as possible. Hyperlogs’ success, to us, is measured by how little time you spend in the app, not how much.


90% of our customers know that we are big on the Microsoft technology stack, so this might raise some eyebrows. The truth though is that we’ve been at the forefront of other technologies as well, especially Open Source technology stacks such as Angular JS, React JS, Node, to name a few, with back-ends and APIs using Mongo DB and PostGres SQL.


So, what is Hyperlogs running on?

  • PostGres SQL for its database
  • Ruby as the backend
  • Ember as the frontend
  • Runs in Docker Containers, on the cloud
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Continuous Integration (CI/CD Pipelines)
  • Automated deployments to staging and production containers

There is a lot more detail to share about the technology and DevOps aspect of Hyperlogs, but that deserves its own blog post. Here we simply wanted to share the overall architecture.

Why Hyperlogs?

Many friends and business associates ask this question all the time: why Hyperlogs and not some other app?

Having started a tech business from scratch, we can tell you that finding the right productivity tools for your busy and growing business is hard. Many tools are over-complicated bloatware or just not affordable to a small business.  If only Hyperlogs existed back in 2002 when we launched our business. That is why we built what we needed and know other businesses like us need!


We are personally and especially passionate about so-called “Productivity Software”.  We will continue building tools that help other business thrive. Just typing this last sentence gives us satisfaction, and so you can imagine how satisfied we were on January 31, 2018, when we launched the beta of Hyperlogs .

What’s next?

We have a ton of ideas we are itching to make available to you. More productivity tools are on the horizon and it is going to be a fun ride; join us in Hyperlogs now and get a jump on testing future tools, too.

That said, for now we are laser-focused on making Hyperlogs better. We are perfectionists, and we want Hyperlogs to be perfect (pipe dream, maybe — but hey, that’s our goal). There are some really cool features we are working on right now, such as Resource Management and Planning, Third-party Integrations, Attendance Tracker and more. Stay tuned.

Finally, if you follow the Hyperlogs Blog then you know that we are developing this completely Agile. Following our beta release, we were on an aggressive weekly deployment schedule. We are moving into a 2 week release schedule, which is a perfect hybrid approach which enables us to deliver a) Quality and b) You guessed it, Value.

If you have not tried Hyperlogs yet, then we recommend you do. It is free to try (one person), or free forever if you are a one-man-show. Upgrading is also very affordable, at a low price of $6 per month, per person ($5 if paid yearly) this is 50% cheaper than any close alternative. Take it for a spin today.