Web Design

Web Design Trends for 2017

Web design, UI/UX design, Design System and Information Architecture (IA) design have been a field where creativity leads to changes that help advance the industry.

As we head into the last part of the year there is anticipation about what changes developers can expect next year. We believe that some of the trends that began small this year will grow even bigger next year.

The changes will pave the way to more engaging web designs, more unique online experiences and an overall smoother look.

Here are some of the trends we can expect to see for next year.



Many web pages have become too similar in their design. For 2017 there will be a rebellion from the cookie cutter style website to something more original. This will mean users can enjoy a unique online experience from designers.


Font types have not been getting the attention they deserve. Next year is sure to be their year. Designers will be taken more care with font styles, sizes and weights.  As more users adopt different devices, designers will need to be looking for the right font for different screen types.

Mini Apps

The micro experience will also become more popular. These mini applications offer a more engaging, interactive experience. Everything from setting an alarm, registration forms, login buttons, swiping, tapping and even the ability to like a comment will enhance the overall online experience for users.


Flat design

While it became popular this year, with the help of Google, flat design will continue to grow in popularity. The flat design trend has allowed for rich animations, galleries and slideshows. It will carry on being a big part of design from mobile apps to web pages.


Animation is also poised to explode in 2017. Most designers have already been integrating functional animation into their creations. Those that seamlessly sync with the content on the page, such as animation that pops up when a user scrolls down the page. It will also become trendier on mobile devices with limited screen size.

Innovative navigation

The way a user moves through the site will also continue to change, particularly on mobile devices. Options like parallax scrolling and hidden navigation will be popular on smaller devices. The future will give users the power to control their own web site experience.


Designers will need to submit to the video revolution. Users have fallen in love with video, as it is more engaging than blogs. Companies have fallen in love with it because it is a powerful way to get a message across to an audience. Thus, designers will need to find ways to integrate video into their work.

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While 2016 was a good year for creativity in web design we expect 2017 to be even better. With original designs, a more user-focused experience and creative tools like animation and video next year is sure to produce some very interesting and engaging web design.