New year, new name, same great company

new year same great company

New year, new name, same great company

Today, I am excited to announce the re-branding of Maxiom Technology to Maxiom Tech.

Since 2002, Maxiom Technology committed to providing our customers with innovative and creative software products and services.

We are renewing our commitment to delivering an outstanding level of service while preparing to offer our customers expanded benefits.  We are also opening doors to other technology markets that will present opportunities for all our customers.

The Changes

I would like to underscore the fact that we did not acquire or merge Maxiom Technology.  It is the same great company, with the same great people, providing the same great services, operating under a different name, Maxiom Tech, and with an expanded level of service in new areas.

We are renovating our new website, Moreover, we are placing information and content describing the new products and services we plan on bringing to market this fall. Finally, we are also updating our social media presence. I will personally send an update to my valued customers announcing the official Maxiom Tech launch as soon as we have completed this process.

Finally, we forward all emails to to make this process as seamless as possible for our customers.  All email communications will continue to operate without service interruption. Our physical address and phone numbers remain unchanged.

I would appreciate your feedback about our re-development. Please drop me a note or give me a ring if you have any suggestions on how we can ensure to position Maxiom Tech in meeting your needs now and for many years to come.

Maxiom Tech commits to keep the best of what works for all of us while continually improving for the future!

URL Changes to Note:

As mentioned above, we have made every effort to redirect all old URLs to the corresponding new ones. Here is a list of the more commonly used links:

Antonio Chagoury

Hi, I'm Antonio, Founder and CEO of Maxiom Technology (formerly Inspector IT).I'm a technology executive and entrepreneur who has achieved consistent success in driving growth, generating revenue, and enhancing value in domestic and international markets through technology product innovations.

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  • Eric Jambon
    Posted at 8:05 am, February 24, 2015

    Way to go Antonio !
    Love the clear, well structured and easy to navigate new website.
    Good Luck with your new direction and expanding services and business !