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Maxiom Technology receives new high rating review on Clutch

Since 2002 we have been a software development firm consulting with clients all around the world. Our clients are often repeated customers and this highlights our dedication and commitment to delivering the best products possible. We work mostly with mid-sized companies, then enterprises, then a small number of small businesses or startups. Our development services are specialized for every client that walks through the door, so you’ll never see us complete the same exact project twice. 

Maxiom Technology receives new high rating review on clutch

One of our longest projects spanning almost 10 years was working with the American Water Works Association. We completed a couple of tasks including software integration and various app development projects. Our team made sure to work responsibly together while also prioritizing the client and their goals. 

“They always met our needs. Often, their work included additional components that we didn’t even know we needed. Additionally, I appreciate their responsiveness to our rotating requirements.” -Rusty Redinger, Developer Manager at American Water Works Association

In the second half of 2018, we also built an alumni app for a college organization. The app helps organizations communicate directly with their alumni and fundraise. Although the project was supposed to last ten weeks, we were able to complete around 80% of the work by the end of the fifth week. We also added additional features to help make the app even better.

“They’re currently running QA testing and making minor adjustments to this pilot version of the app before we release it. They’ve also done a great job of meeting my specifications as far as ensuring that the platform is intuitive and user-friendly.” -Neill Frazier, Founder at Alma Mater

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We are so appreciative of Clutch’s support and the support of all of our past clients for our software development firm. We would not be where we are today without either. To learn more about our services or how we can help you and your business grow, reach out today.