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Top 10 Trending JavaScript Tools for 2020

A wide range of programming languages has been introduced and utilized in the past decades, which are being widely used throughout the world today. Each of these frameworks has its own merits and demerits.

Nevertheless, JavaScript has come up as the most popular and widely used programming language. It is a robust computer language, which is used to create desktop, web, and mobile apps.

The functions and features of this language are simply amazing. By utilizing this language, you can make your website highly interactive and more user-friendly. You can take advantage of this language for updating web pages, animations, UI improvements, and interactive maps.

If you are looking for the best JavaScript tools, you have landed on the right page. We discuss the top 10 trending JavaScript tools for 2020.

1.    React.Js

React javascript tool

ReactJS is an impressive and effective open-source JavaScript tool, which was founded by Facebook. It plays a critical role in creating intuitive UIs. React.js proves to be quicker than Angular.js.

Although it’s a UI structure library, it also helps to create cross-stage and single-page applications. Some of the most noticeable highlights of this JavaScript tool include improved support, compatibility with a variety of other libraries, and adaptability.

In short, if you need a performance-oriented, versatile and fast JavaScript tool, React.Js is the most viable option to consider.

2.    Meteor.Js

It’s another full-stack JavaScript tool, which allows cross-stage ventures and fast prototyping. Meteor Development Group made this framework by using Node.js. It serves as an ideal stage to create compact and portable applications.

Meteor.Js facilitates the development procedure of the cross-stage application. Furthermore, it also helps to achieve quick prototyping. It proves to be compatible with the MongoDB database and offers the advantage of Distributed Data Protocol.

3.    Next.Js

Next.js is a tool which assists developers in creating apps using JavaScript. The best part of using this tool is the freedom to create apps in an easy and customizable way. It comes with some outstanding features like automatic code-splitting, client-side routing, and the ability to work with other HTTP servers.

4.    Angular.Js

Angular javascript tool

Founded and offered by Google, Angular.js is a performance-oriented and quite popular JavaScript tool. It helps developers to consolidate JavaScript with CSS and HTML. It serves as a tool that offers a large number of highlights.

Being an open-source and front-end web framework, it allows programming designers to design and create unique single-page web applications. Moreover, Angular.js also offers a rich programming style, relevant instruments, top-quality code age, and enormous conditions.

5.    Mithril.js

Mithril.js is the latest JavaScript framework tool, which is capable of making Single Page Applications (SPA). It’s a great option to create modules for directing, adjustable information authoritative, and XHR.

Furthermore, it ensures faster loading of the library and updates execution. This is why developers prefer this particular JavaScript tool.

6.    Ember.js

This JavaScript tool is an open-source front-end framework, which enables developers and software engineers to perform a wide range of procedures. For instance, it helps to manufacture work areas, single-page, and portable applications.

Ember is identical to the AngularJS and Backbone. However, with its latest updates, this tool helps developers with execution enhancements, new bug fixes, and censure. The best component of this tool is the direction-line interface apparatus.

7.    Backbone.Js

This JavaScript tool is a viable option for developers to help them create customer side applications. It offers an MVP system, which is necessary to Document Object Model (DOM), and exhibit the relevant information.

Backbone.Js consists of a lightweight JS library, which allows the developers to take advantage of this instrument for a particular venture. It works as a top-notch JavaScript framework.

This tool helps to effectively synchronize and ensure relevant support for RESTful APIs. It is considered as the best option for MVP development.

8.    Aurelia.js

aurelia javascript tool

Aurelia.js is one of the best application improvement frameworks associated with JavaScript. It is a popular and open-source JavaScript tool, ideal for work area and web advancement.

It serves as a cutting edge UI tool, which enables the designers to effortlessly create new and improved applications. The subtle style renders it as the major tool, which assists developers in fabricating segments through TypeScript or vanilla JavaScript.

9.    Polymer.Js

Polymer.js is another open-source JavaScript tool/library, which helps to build cross-programs. Hence, it’s the most suitable web application for working with recyclable web segments.

It ensures a single direction as well as two-way officials. This makes it possible for the developers to convey outstanding administrations. It renders the process of application development much easier.

10. Vue.Js

Vue.js is one of the best JavaScript tools for 2020, which is founded by Evan You during 2014. This tool works as an open-source and lightweight library that works well for assembling the inventive UIs.

The popularity of this tool is evident from this fact that more than 6,000 sites are taking advantage of this tool. It is designed to be an easy to use and versatile UI.

Vue.js is the true competitor of React.js and Angular. In fact, is some areas, it is capturing the market at a great pace. Also, the arrangement of highlights is done in a way that is easy to identify and use.

Some of these functionalities and highlights can better absorb the information. Moreover, it offers a wide range of programming languages and hassle-free arrangements.


After going through this article, choosing the top trending JavaSript tool for 2020 won’t be that difficult for you. All the frameworks mentioned above are easy to utilize and offer a wide range of opportunities.

A huge variety of frameworks is available on the market and the number is always increasing. However, portable application developers need to utilize only the latest JavaScript tools and improve the performance of their applications.

Most of the options discussed above can turn out to be the most appropriate option for your business. The first thing to consider in this regard is to keep in mind all your needs.