It is not just about looking good, your website or app should be engaging and interactive

Beautifully creative digital art

The first impression of your website or app on users plays an essential role on their perspectives about it. How long do your website visitors stay? How do they feel while visiting the website? What should you do to improve UI/UX of your website?

Maxiom Technology aims at improving your website quality. It is the user experience (UX) that plays the main role with respect to visitors’ interaction.

It is not just about content, it is about the User Experience


Website, App Usability Testing (UX)

How users experience your website or app?
Will they stay on the website and will you see a conversion or will they abandon it?


Information Architecture Evaluation (IA)

How easily can users navigate within your app or website? To what extent are the content and context understandable, perceivable and actionable?


Heuristic Evaluation

Is your website, in matters of design, user-centered or it is system-oriented?
Is it intuitive to your target customer or just to the developer that built it?

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