Systems Integration

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Cloud Apps and APIs

Our team has unparalleled experience developing cloud solutions and strategies to maximize the benefit of cloud/PaaS/IaaS/SaaS implementations.

We offer business strategy consulting services to invigorate your marketing strategy and IT infrastructure to ensure your organization thrives in the cloud.

Harnessing the value of the cloud requires architecture and engineering that take advantage of the unique values the cloud can offer.  We get into the details of how your applications work, what your needs are, what experience your customers need, and what your competitive landscape is.

Maxiom Technology

Maxiom Technology brings recognized thought-leadership with Microsoft technology.  We help you have the right cloud infrastructure and architecture for your needs today and tomorrow.  We ensure that you make the right investments at the right time, and avoid common (and costly) mistakes.  Our consultative sessions will accelerate your business and align your stakeholders to deploying a profit-maximizing cloud-enabled IT platform.

Maximizing the value of an on-demand IT architecture requires a fundamentally different approach to marketing and product development.  Too often, migrating to the cloud is considered to be an exclusively IT consideration.  Selling tomorrow’s solutions with yesterday’s tactics doesn’t work.  Our consulting services help you unlock the power of cutting edge IT-enabled marketing solutions.


  • Office 365
  • Amazon Cloud Experts
  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Experts

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • Cloud Hosting Management
  • Multi-tentant Cloud
  • Legacy App Migration Strategy

  • On-Demand Provisioning and Self-Service
  • Auto Scaling, Sharding and Partitioning
  • SaaS Application Integration
  • Elastic Computing

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