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It’s all about understanding how people really interact with things and how we can reach them in new, meaningful ways. It’s no stretch to say that using digital as an input is how we step up our output.

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When it comes to digital content and marketing, Organic’s processes and methodologies are very collaborative in nature. Prior to the development of the new system, Organic managed client projects across several self-contained websites, which they referred to as “extranets”. These extranets were setup and configured by Organic’s IT staff and their content was maintained by the project or account managers. These mundane tasks, including user account creation and password resets were all processed manually. While these tasks were extremely simple to do, the solution was not scalable nor sustainable.

Maxiom Technology designed, architected and built a custom web-based project management tool on top of the DNN Evoq Framework and delivered a state-of-the-art product that rivaled existing products such as the famous Basecamp.




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