City of Allentown
PA UI/UX Redesign

About the City of
Allentown, PA

The City of Allentown PA is located in Lehigh County, and operates as a third-class city code of Pennsylvania with the strong Mayor-City Council form of government wherein the mayor serves as chief executive and administrative officer for the municipality and City Council serves as the legislative and oversight body providing checks and balances on the system. A Home Rule charter adopted by the voters in 1996 assigns the rights and responsibilities of each elected official and provides for citizen input on ordinances through a process of initiative and referendum.


The Allentown PA website recently underwent a UI/UX redesign to improve the user experience. The goal of the redesign was to create a modern website that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The team behind the project utilized UX best practices to develop an intuitive layout, while simultaneously making sure that the UI design was optimized for a range of devices. The end result was a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. In this case study, we’ll provide a summary of the project and discuss how the UI/UX redesign has improved the user experience.

The goal of the project was to improve the user experience (UX) and overall user interface (UI) of the Allentown PA website. This included creating a modern, streamlined look with easy navigation and improved visuals. The website was redesigned with the goal of enhancing user engagement and improving access to information on the site. Additionally, the site was updated to comply with all accessibility standards so that users with disabilities are able to access the content without difficulty. By making changes to both the design and content, we aimed to create a website that was easier to use, more attractive, and better organized than the previous version.

Process and

  1. The first step of the UI/UX redesign for the city of Allentown PA website was to understand user needs and develop a strategy for improving the website. To do this, our team conducted interviews with stakeholders from the local community and gathered data from existing user research. This gave us an idea of the desired functionality and design of the new website.

  2. Next, we created a wireframe for the website, which was used as a starting point for the design. We made sure to keep in mind the needs of our users when creating the wireframe, and consulted with stakeholders to make sure the design met their expectations.

  3. Once the wireframe was complete, we moved on to designing the look and feel of the website. We focused on making sure the website was visually appealing while also being easy to use and intuitive. This involved creating elements such as fonts, colors, icons, and images that would be included in the final design.

  4. Finally, we built the website using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We tested the site extensively to ensure it was bug-free and worked correctly in all major browsers and devices. Once the development stage was complete, we launched the new website and monitored user feedback to ensure it was successful.


The city of Allentown PA website’s UI/UX redesign project has resulted in a major overhaul of the website’s design. The new design is more visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly. This was achieved by ensuring that the website’s navigation is clear and consistent throughout the site, using a color palette and visuals that are modern and professional, and optimizing the website for mobile devices.

In addition, the Maxiom Tech team focused on creating a hierarchy of content that puts key information front and center while logically organizing all the resources. This ensures that visitors can easily find what they are looking for and take action quickly. Furthermore, the use of typography and design elements makes the website look polished and professional.

Overall, the results of the redesign have created an attractive, streamlined, and user-friendly website for Allentown PA.

Visitors to the website can now access relevant information easily, find what they need quickly, and feel confident about using the website to accomplish their tasks.

The Future of the

As part of the project, a roadmap has been created to guide the continued development and enhancement of the Allentown PA website. The first step is convert this beautiful new UX and UI into the Theme for the DNN Software CMS that the city has adopted over 13 years ago.

This roadmap outlines key areas of focus, including improvements to user experience, functionality, content, and more. The roadmap also includes suggested timelines for each of these areas.

As the Allentown PA website continues to evolve, it is important to remain focused on the initial goals of the project – to provide an optimal user experience for citizens of Allentown and visitors alike. This means continuing to refine and optimize the user interface and making sure all content is accessible and up to date. It also means creating a platform that encourages engagement from citizens and stakeholders, allowing for feedback and participation in the decision-making process.

By staying committed to the goals set forth in the UI/UX redesign project for Allentown PA, the website will continue to evolve in ways that benefit both citizens and visitors. With thoughtful design, comprehensive content, and an eye toward innovation, the Allentown PA website will remain an invaluable resource for many years to come.