Notify Mobile App

A road safety app that assists people and notify them about their current location and speed while they are on the road.

Project Summary

A driving assistant app that can assist with road safety and awareness.

Family safety is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to traveling. Now it has become easier to protect your family and close friends with the Notify app. The key reason for developing this app is to assist people and notify you about their current location and speed while they are on the road.


Part Safety – Part Danger

Our app detects speed, when a vehicle is stationary, or if there is an accident.  As a reliable mobile app development company, we have perfectly designed the animation, graphics, colors, and iconography of the app.

There is always danger while driving; however, if you have this app, then you can drive more comfortable knowing there is someone who is keeping an eye on your safety. In case of an accident, the app picks up the current location of the user and connects with the nearest help to ensure assistance.


Know the Safety Status of Those You Care For

If you want to feel safe while traveling, a road safety app on your smartphone is a good idea. Red signifies danger, and blue indicates that the person is safe. With these color indicators, you can quickly know the situation of your loved ones.


We know the importance of offering a responsive experience to users. Users love personalized content along with an immersive mobile experience. Our mobile app provides a seamless experience to the user.

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Style Guide

Our app is intended to offer real-time information on the safety of the users. We designed the Notify app for balancing and contrasting illustrations and colors to visually portray the messaging quickly.

Style Elements

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • UI elements
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