Staff Augmentation: CareMetx

Care Metx offers HELP and HOPE for people with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. It represents a Leading Therapeutic Company and a funding source that assists patients who suffer of different severe diseases. The patients are able to place an order once they show their eligibility.

Project Summary

CareMetx Connect, is a cloud-based technology for hub management and support of all the “hub” services required of specialty products. CareMetx Connect assures greater productivity of support personnel with its guided workflow, and product-specific triggers and it provides a cost-effective solution with easy customization and fast launch capabilities.

Maxiom Technology provided staff augmentation to supplement CareMetx’s engineering team with a development team made up of experienced software architects, engineers, developers and designers.

Staff Augmentation

Hybrid Team Configuration

Dev Ops

Agile Development

Azure Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics

Service Oriented Architecture

UI / UX / Creative Design

Color Palette & Texture

Photography Style

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