Maxiom Technology participates in 2009 TIMSS Annual User Group (TAUG)

Maxiom Technology participates in 2009 TIMSS Annual User Group (TAUG)

Maxiom Technology participates in 2009 TIMSS Annual User Group (TAUG)

TAUG 2009 Maxiom Technology is pleased to announce its participation in the 2009 TMA Resources Annual Users Group (TAUG) meeting in Puerto Rico.  Maxiom Technology, in partnership with TMA Resources, continues to develop innovative IT tools for the non-profit sector. It is always looking for opportunities to harness technology to meet the needs of individual clients.

Blog for Personify Showcase

At this year’s TAUG, Maxiom Technology will showcase its new Blog for Personify integrated solution for Personify e-Business.  With Blog for Personify, clients have instant access to a seamlessly integrated product that harnesses the power of social media to reach a targeted audience with up-to-the-minute news, information and resources.  Blog for Personify also lets clients elicit feedback and stimulates real time conversations.   It also offers Personify integration, Twitter integration, full RSS syndication, MS Word and Windows Live Writer. Also it offers search engine friendly URLs and more.  As with all Maxiom Technology solutions, it is fully customizable. A team that offers superb support services and personal attention to individual clients’ business needs and customers’ expectations supports it.

In addition to offering hands-on demonstrations of the new Blog for Personify, Maxiom Technology CEO and Chief Software Architect Antonio Chagoury will attend TAUG to work with clients and other TMA partners to share best practices, discuss emerging trends in the non-profit sector, and collaborate on new tools to help associations get the most out of their IT solutions.

Resources: TAUG 2009 Website.

Antonio Chagoury

Hi, I'm Antonio, Founder and CEO of Maxiom Technology (formerly Inspector IT).I'm a technology executive and entrepreneur who has achieved consistent success in driving growth, generating revenue, and enhancing value in domestic and international markets through technology product innovations.

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