Maxiom Technology Partners With TMA Resources, Provides DotNetNuke Expertise and Leadership

maxiomtech partners with tma resources to provide expertise and leadership

Maxiom Technology Partners With TMA Resources, Provides DotNetNuke Expertise and Leadership

TMA Resources Consulting Partner Washington, DC January 12, 2009 — Maxiom Technology is pleased to announce its 2009 partnership with TMA Resources, Inc. Maxiom Technology and TMA Resources share a common vision of using technology to grow and connect communities, and a common goal of providing customers the highest quality, most efficient and most cost-effective solutions for their networking needs.

Maxiom Technology – TMA Resources Partnership

Maxiom Technology will work with TMA Resources to deliver customers high quality end-to-end software solutions on the Microsoft® .NET Framework on time and on budget. With its experience developing CMS and Social Network and Commerce software solutions on the DotNetNuke open source framework, Maxiom Technology is the smart choice to partner with TMA Resources and its discerning customer base.

“Maxiom Technology knows how important customer satisfaction is to TMA Resources, and as a company built on identifying solutions targeted to the individual goals of each client, we know our partnership with TMA will be a fruitful one, for our companies and for our customers. We are always happy to partner with industry leaders like TMA since we know our work together will result in groundbreaking innovations for our community,” said Antonio Chagoury, CEO and Chief Software Architect of Maxiom Technology.

Maxiom Technology will be collaborating with TMA Resources by primarily providing the following services:

  • Personify eBusiness Systems Integration Support
  • DotNetNuke Training for:
    • Webmaster Administration
    • IT Administration and Optimization
    • Custom Development
    • Custom Skinning
  • DotNetNuke Custom Development and Core Extension
  • DotNetNuke Custom Skinning
  • DotNetNuke Information Architecture and Strategy
  • DotNetNuke Maintenance and Support

As today’s leader in member-centric software and the company of choice for professional societies with budgets of $10 million or more, TMA Resources, Inc. specializes in delivering efficient, effective solutions for our customers’ networking needs while moving the entire industry forward. TMA Resources staff are experts in Association Management Software. For more than a decade, they have served the most dynamic and complex membership organizations in the world.

Maxiom Technology specializes in comprehensive software solutions on the Microsoft® .NET Framework and DotNetNuke (DNN) targeted to the specific needs of individual customers. Its extensive experience in the software and internet industry enables it to deliver products that address the full scope of the customer’s strategic objectives. Maxiom Technology’s product development expertise ranges from large scale e-commerce applications, social networking and mash-ups components to social commerce, enterprise content management and ERP solutions. Maxiom Technology’s principals and staff are Microsoft MVPs and active contributors and advocates of Open Source Software. The Maxiom Technology team is known for its leadership in the DotNetNuke (DNN) community. As active CORE Team members and Team Leads, Maxiom Technology developers contributes daily to DotNetNuke’s (DNN) architecture and core code which makes Maxiom Technology the obvious choice when it comes to delivering enterprise solutions and support on the platform.

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Hi, I'm Antonio, Founder and CEO of Maxiom Technology (formerly Inspector IT). I'm a technology executive and entrepreneur who has achieved consistent success in driving growth, generating revenue, and enhancing value in domestic and international markets through technology product innovations.

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