DotNetNuke Hackathon Comes to Washington DC

dotnetnuke comes to washington dc

DotNetNuke Hackathon Comes to Washington DC

On Wednesday, June 16th 2010 the Capital DotNetNuke User Group will be hosting the second official DotNetNuke Hackathon.

The previous Hackathon held in Orlando last month focused on the DotNetNuke MVP design pattern. This month is in Washington, DC, will focus on developing compelling visual user interfaces and user experiences. The theme is  “Visual DotNetNuke.”

Maxiom Technology principals and staff will be at the event to meet and greet the great folks of the local DotNetNuke community. Maxiom Technology is also excited to be the meeting sponsor providing food and beverages.

What is a Hackaton?

Hackathons are developer events. Their goal is increasing knowledge on a specific technology aspect in a casual, collaborative environment. They encourage the people to participate. People who are not familiar with the technology, basically providing them with an immersive quick start.

Hackathon Events are:

  • built around a single programming concept (for example: DotNetNuke MVP Pattern)
  • encourage participation locally (at event site) and remotely
  • broadcast online
  • provide materials and dev environment setup guidelines ahead of time
  • allow anybody to participate
  • are peer-judged by the Hackathon participants
  • have one or more winners who earn the title “Hackmaster”
  • have great prizes for winners and runners up
  • require all submissions to be Open Source with MIT license

Visual DotNetNuke Hackathon

The first official DotNetNuke Hackathon was held in Orlando last month and it focused on building DotNetNuke module using the  MVP design pattern.

Next week, on June 16th, we have a fantastic Hackathon planned, and this time, the theme is “Visual DotNetNuke.

The “Visual DotNetNuke” Hackathon focuses on building  modules for DotNetNuke. The launchpad for the event will be the montly meeting of the Capital DotNetNuke Users Group in the Washington, DC metro area.

Developers have an abundance of resources available to help them better understand DotNetNuke module development. Resources such as blogs, videos and books go into great detail on module architecture, the data layer and interacting with the DotNetNuke Core API. However, when it comes to developing DotNetNuke modules with rich, engaging and contemporary user interfaces, the resources are few and far between.

The “Visual DotNetNuke” Hackathon aims to give developers the knowledge and tools to create great-looking DotNetNuke modules that engage users and create a delightful user experience.

You can learn more about this upcoming Hackathon on the official website.

The speakers at this event are Nik Kalyani, Founder and CEO of HyperCrunch and Joe Brinkman, Co-founder and Technical Fellow of DotNetNuke Corporation.

For more information please visit the Capital DotNetNuke User Group (C-DUG) website.

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