DotNetNuke Bringing Workflow & Versioning to File Manager

dotnetnuke bringing workflow to file manager

DotNetNuke Bringing Workflow & Versioning to File Manager

What is DotNetNuke?

Doing a code review of the DotNetNuke 7.1 CTP I stumbled on some new columns that were added to the File and Folder tables.

  • Files
    • EnablePublishingPeriod – DateTime
    • PublishedVersion – bit
    • ContentItemID – int
    • StartDate – DateTime
    • EndDate – DateTime
  • Folders
    • IsVersioned – bit
    • WorkflowID – int

What this means is that you will soon be able to add workflow to specific folders.  This workflow controls each file within that folder.

As this point now files are being joined to the Content Items API. They will be marked  by a StateID column for their individual status within the workflow at the item level.

Not familiar with what the Content Items API is? Check out my previous post on Core CMS Functions: Content Items

The significance of this change

The addition of this to the framework is a amazing change for a number of very important reasons.

  • The first is that DNN Corp is listening to the community and adding high level features that the community is requesting.
  • The second is that Content Items API is being extended and getting the love that it needed and is maturing as an API.
  • Lastly that workflow is not just being added here and there at the module level but being added to low level sub systems that can be utilized and extend out through any module and item within that module.

I think it’s important to recognize what this work means to DotNetNuke and what this will allow us to do in the future.

So while the file manager is becoming more beautiful from the front end it’s also being more upgraded behind the scenes.

Please note that DotNetNuke 7.1 is a Community Technology Preview and not a final release. Changes are likely to occur to this area.

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