DNN VirtualEarth 1.5 is Finally Here!

virtual earth 1.5 is now here

DNN VirtualEarth 1.5 is Finally Here!

We have been at it for a couple of months, but it was well worth the wait. We have added a few nice features of the DNN Virtual Earth that we are sure you will love and will make you wander how you were able to live without it for this long.

Additionally, we improved the manageability of the module by separating the Map Points Management interface from the Map’s Settings. The UI is much less cluttered as a result of this change.

Changes and Features

I could go on writing pages explaining all the changes, so instead, here is a bullet list of the changes and fixes in this new version: (Make sure you check out the demo too!)

  • Added GeoRSS support
  • Added a point attribute to allow you to load the location’s weather conditions in the balloon tip by default
  • Added settings to allow you to manipulate the balloon tip including, background color, size, border, border color & style
  • List of points is now a floating window, which you can move, close, minimize and restore
  • Fixed some minor FireFox rendering issues
  • Fixed issue when an apostrophy is entered in both the title and description of each point
  • Much more!
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