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15 things your boss wishes you knew about development technologies

In the world of Information Technology, we need to learn and process new and innovative things much faster. When you are in the development field, it is essential to learn new things every day to keep yourself up-to-date. Below is a list of  development technologies to be aware of.

Scripting Languages

Learning the Scripting Language is a suitable option for OOP coding. Usually, scripting such as Python and many others would be a very useful tool to have. When you learn Java or C/C++, then it is essential to learn Python. Learning about Python would be a very efficient option. Scripting language would make it easier for creating the tools and scripting on solving the common problems.

Data Structures and Algorithms

If you want to be a top programmer, then learning about Data Structure and Algorithms is a good way to do this. You should learn the basic data structures such as an array, map, linked list, set, and many more. Every programmer needs to put a serious effort into learning data structure and algorithms.

Source Control (Git)

source control

Source control is mainly useful for storing code, which is helpful in collaborating with your team. Source control tools such as Git would be helpful to collaborate even without collaborating on the overriding changes. Professional software developers or coders mainly require knowledge about version control tools such as SVN or Git for affordable software development.

Text Editors (Vim)

When you are working as a Software developer or programmer, then you would have come across a text editor like Vim. This is one of the essential tools for non-programmers, such as System Admins and DBAs. NotePad on Windows as well as Vim in Linux is the best choice for advanced editors.


In the software development sector, Notepad or DOS Editor would be helpful for saving the file for the running compiler. It is also useful for creating the package on running the ANT script. Profiling and Debugging was also the best option for getting more knowledge in IDEs. C, C++, and C# programmers can learn IDEs like IntelliJIDEA or AndroidStudio for excelling in an agile software development company.

 Database and SQL

development technologies

SQL is the most popular choice for valuable skills for all software developers. Usually, app development companies expect a programmer to be familiar with an essential database such as normalization, table design, and many others with SQL. Databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others are most important.


Most of the development consulting firms are looking for experts in the DevOps to move on to adopting continuous integration with deployment. It is a set of principles that combines  development (Dev) and associated IT operations (Ops). Experienced Java programmers having a passion for managing the environment and improving overall structure can be mindful of DevOps Engineer.

Learning UNIX or Linux

UNIX has been around for 30 years. Many programmers are required to work on Linux machines. When you have strong knowledge of the Linux command line, then it is easier for developers. This would mainly allow you to work efficiently.

Microsoft Excel

Among others, Excel is one of the top options used by every programmer, computer software developers, business, and project managers. Excel is much more than spreadsheet software. Microsoft Excel also provides useful features and functions for various data analysis.

Programming Languages

To become a programmer, you need to know about programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, or JavaScript. It is also a much easier option for beginners and a powerful way to get more scope in your career.

Networking Basics

We are living in an interconnected world, so it is quite essential for finding a computer network even at home. In the IT infrastructure, your Team Lead would expect you to have networking skills. Clients would be accessing your application from anywhere in the world. Understanding networking basics for developing and supporting the application is essential.

Gain more creativity

Most technical people are not expected to also be creative. However, your employer would be pleased to see you building your creativity. It is about finding a creative way to solve problems to build things.

Spring Framework 5

Some of the new features in Spring Framework 5 include reactive programming model in Spring 5 and Java features. Adapting to Spring 5 also involves unit testing improvement.

Unit testing

Knowledge about new frameworks and tools is important for the Java programmers to perform unit testing as well as integration. It has plenty to learn and improves unit testing skills.

RESTful Web Service

Improving your knowledge in the REST API with the implementation of RESTful Web Service is quite essential. Java and REST are important, highly desirable options for the developers.