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Maxiom Technology to unveil Blog for Personify, becomes TMA Solution Partner!

maxiom tchnology unviels blog for personify

Maxiom Technology to unveil Blog for Personify, becomes TMA Solution Partner!

With the development of Blog for Personify, Maxiom Technology joins TMA Resources as a Solution Partner.

The Blog

Maxiom Technology’s Blog for Personify is a fully customizable blogging platform. It requires no additional software applications or hardware and integrates seamlessly with customer’s existing Personify e-Business application.  It is a single tool enabling clients to:

  • TMA Resources Solution Partner Reach a broad audience with real-time news and information
  • Disseminate specific messages to targeted groups with lightening speed
  • Elicit feedback and spark dialogue around issues and causes
  • Generate energy and demonstrate leadership in a cause
  • Make a message personal and fun for every visitor

Offering integrations on Personify and Twitter, trackbacks and pingback, and search-engine friendly URLs, it brings the power of social media and Web 2.0 to every association in a user-friendly format.  As with all Maxiom Technology products, it comes with the individualized support clients need and expect in today’s non-profit sector.

In becoming a TMA Resources’ Solution Partner, Maxiom Technology is proud to provide applications that integrate with Personify through Web service APIs.  Maxiom Technology pleases to work with TMA Resources and its clients to develop products that offer out-of-the-box integration with it.   Maxiom Technology is confident this enhanced partnership with TMA Resources will result in new technologies to grow and connect communities, providing clients more of the high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions they expect for their networking needs.

For more information on Blog for Personify contact info@maxiomtech.com or come visit us at the TAUG 2009 Conference.

Antonio Chagoury

Founder and CEO

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