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DNN Virtual Earth 1.6 Released!

DNN Virtual Earth 1.6 Released!

We are delighted to annouce the release of DNN Virtual Earth 1.6 which addresses a number of defects reported by the module’s user community.

For more information please review the Change Log below.

The latest version is available for purchase or download at Snowcovered:

Change Log for 01.60.00
1. Fixed Point list window opened in Firefox even if setting was turned off.
2. Modified “cancel” link in Manage Point List page to “Return to Main View”
3. Removed Maxiom Technology copyright notice below the map
4. Minor HTML fixes in the VirtualEarth.ascx
5. Clean up of Module.css
6. Fixed issues found in Point List window that sometimes caused the window not to load with the proper design theme.
7. Fixed CSS issue that caused the DNN skin to reset its position to top-left:0 in Firefox

Thank you for support!

Antonio Chagoury

Founder and CEO

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